[#Foodie traveller] Brioche with apricot jam

I love to have breakfast! Unfortunately I don’t have the time to sit down at my table every day! Often happens that I have to do it “al volo” (quikly) away from home. My condition sine qua non is: ok fast, but in a good pastry shop!

A croissant with apricot jam + Espresso = My perfect breakfast!!

A croissant with apricot jam

A croissant with apricot jam

Eaten at: Pavè (Via Felice Casati, 27, Milano, Italy)

Vote: 9/10 – Made with mother yeast!




Tarbet  is a hamlet in Sutherland, on the west coast of Scotland.
It is the nearest port of contact to the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s national nature reserve of Handa Island, and a small ferry operates between the two.
The few buildings include the Shorehouse seafood restaurant.
Like neighbouring Handa, Tarbet hosts a good wildlife population.

[#Foodie traveller] Falafel

Falafel is a deep-fried ball made by chickpeas, fava beans, or both  usually served in a pita or wrapped in a flatbread (lafa). The falafel balls are topped with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce.

World records

Largest falafel ball: The current record, 74.75 kg, was set on 28 July 2012 in Amman, Jordan.

Largest serving of falafel: The record, 5,173 kg was set by Chef Ramzi Choueiri and the students of Al-Kafaat University in Beirut on 9 May 2010.


My Falafel

Eaten at: Istanbul Kebab (Via Jacopo Bossolaro, 17, Pavia, PV 27100, Italy)
Vote: 7.5/10 (not spicy enough for my taste!)

Another pastry shop in Milan: Pasticceria Martesana.

I’m greedy! I love sweets and the pastry shops obsess me!!

I would spend my life to swallow pastries, slices of cakes, pastries and biscuits. So I accept with pleasure the hard work of finding new addresses for you!

In January I visited about ten pastry shops.

Below another address, in Milan, for which it is worthwhile move your ass :-)

Pastry desk

Pastry desk

PASTICCERIA MARTESANA  – ViaCagliero 14 – Milano

I recommend the cheesecake on tart with raspberry sauce and chocolate basket filled with cream and raspberry.

My pasticcino

My pasticcino

Awarded as the Best Italian Pastcceria in 2009, in 2011 it won the silver medal at the World Pastry Championships held in Lyon; Pastcceria Martesana welcomes you every day from 7.30 to 21. Here you can find delicious desserts, fantastic mignon, brioches and  gift ideas like handmade chocolate and cakes.

I can not wait to go back!!


La settimana scorsa mi sono concessa una piccola fuga a Roma (in realtà una mezza pazzia) per gustarmi la pizza al taglio di colui che Vogue America ha definito il Michelangelo della pizza.

Venerdì pomeriggio ho sfidato l’allarme neve e mi sono diretta a Roma.

Piccola tappa ad Arezzo per la cena, notte in un hotel della periferia romana visto che in centro è quasi impossibile trovare parcheggio, colazione da Cristalli di Zucchero e pranzo da Bonci.

Dopo aver provato la pizza di Bonci al Salone del Gusto di Torino immaginavo il suo locale immenso, ero quasi rassegnata al fatto di dover fare la fila per sedermi. Invece Pizzarium è una specie di monolocale.

Dimenticate le fette di pizza unte o bisunte, o quelle pizze con formaggio scadente che vi sarà capitato sicuramente di mangiare, da Bonci la pizza al taglio diventa gourmet.

Qui le pizze sono con foie gras, caviale, frutti di mare, crema di patate, salumi, etc.

Simple Pizza and Pizza with Bottarga

Simple Pizza and Pizza with Bottarga

Pizza with Caviar

Pizza with Caviar

Gli ingredienti sono tutti qualità (Bonci ha impiegato molti anni a selezionare i suoi fornitori) e gli abbinamenti sono così golosi da voler assaggiare di tutto.

Da Pizzarium oltre la pizza anche i supplì e della piccola gastronomia da asporto!

Pizze assaggiate:

  • Crema di patate, mortadella, emulsione di arancia
  • Cicoria, Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP, Mozzarella di Bufala
  • Supplì classico (troppo buono per essere fotografato!!divorato in pochi secondi)

• Pizza with potato’s cream, mortadella, orange’s emulsion• Pizza with chicory, Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, buffalo mozzarella

• Pizza with potato’s cream, mortadella, orange’s emulsion
• Pizza with chicory, Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, buffalo mozzarella

Costo totale 14,40 euro

Chilometri fatti: Circa 1200 km!!! Ne vale la pena.



Via della Meloria 43 (metro: Cipro)


Last week I ran away: a small escape in Rome to enjoy the pizza made by Bonci, the Michelangelo of pizza according Vogue America.

Bonci - Photo taken from FB

Bonci – Photo taken from FB

Last Friday at 15.30 I challenged the snow-alarm and I went to Rome. A short stop in Arezzo for dinner, a night in one hotel in the suburbs of Rome (is impossible to find one car park in the centre), breakfast at Cristalli di Zucchero ( The best maritozzo of my life! Remember?), a stroll through the streets of Rome (always lovely), lunch at Bonci.
After trying the Bonci’s pizza at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, last October, I imagined his immense pizzeria, I was almost resigned to having to wait to sit me.
Instead Pizzarium is not much bigger than a studio. The king of pizza needs only  35 square meters to reinvent the Italian streetfood!
Forget the greasy slices of pizza, here the pizza al taglio becomes gourmet. Here you’ll find pizza with foie gras, caviar, seafood, mashed potatoes, meats, cheeses and seasonal vegetables.

Pizza with Caviar

Pizza with Caviar

Simple Pizza

Simple Pizza

Another Pizzas

Another Pizzas

The creativity of Bonci seems to be endless. The ingredients are all first quality (the legendary Bonci has spent years to select its suppliers) and combinations are so delicious that you will want to try them all. At Bonci you can find also the supplì (a small rice balls), take away dishes (pasta, rice, hamburghers, etc.) and bread.
I tasted:

• Pizza with potato’s cream, mortadella, orange’s emulsion• Pizza with chicory, Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, buffalo mozzarella

• Pizza with potato’s cream, mortadella, orange’s emulsion
• Pizza with chicory, Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, buffalo mozzarella

• Pizza with potato’s cream, mortadella, orange’s emulsion;
• Pizza with chicory, Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato, buffalo mozzarella;
• Supplì  (too good to be photographed!)
Total cost: 14,40 euro (each slice weighed about 3 hg).
Distance: Milan – Rome: 580 km. About 1200 km for a two slices of pizza! It’s worth it.


Via della Meloria 43
(metro: Cipro)
Tel. +39 06 39745416
Closed on Sunday

What to do in #Naples in eight hours

A few days ago, I revealed to you my first impressions of Naples. Today, I want to tell you what to do in Naples in eight hours.

We went there in August. At that time we were in Rome, but Italo has some great offers so we picked up the opportunity (return ticket € 30 each). The trip was perfect and in one hour we arrived in Naples. Not having a guide and being our first time in town, we stopped at the tourist information point in the Central Station. There a beautiful and nice girl gave us a very detailed map and some useful advice.


In 1995, the historic centre of Naples was listed by UNESCO as a World heritage Site. Considering the few hours available, we decided to visit the centre.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (or San Gennaro) is very close to Stazione Centrale.

It was our first stop because there was about 40 degrees and fortunately the churches are always cold. Naples has about 350 churches, but this one can be considered the most important because it houses the San Gennaro’s relics (San Gennaro is the patron saint of the city). The church is an overlap of styles: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic. This because the construction began in the 13th century is finished in the 19th “only” (we – Italians – love slow life!). Inside there is also the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte, the oldest baptistery of the Western World.

Crocefisso -  The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Crocefisso – The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Spaccanapoli (officially named Via Benedetto Croce)

So called because it divides the city between North and South is one of three old Greek decumani that can be considered the main streets of Naples. If I remember correctly, Spaccanapoli is composed of four ways: P. Scura, B. Croce, S. Biagio dei Librai e Forcella. While you walk through Spaccanapoli, you have to explore the side streets! At some point you’ll find Via San Gregorio Armeno. Known for its nativity shops since ancient times, it is very colourful! There, it’s always Christmas, even in August!

Nativity scenes - Via San Gregorio Armeno

Nativity scenes – Via San Gregorio Armeno

Pulcinella (a classical character that originated in the commedia dell'arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry).

Pulcinella (a classical character that originated in the commedia dell’arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry).

Quartieri Spagnoli

Taking this streets is an experience which brings you back in time, that will touch you deeply and that will make you angry: for the vasci, for poverty and for the lifestyle (clothes hanging in the windows, doors and windows wide open, the ladies who clean the vegetables in the street, etc.). At the beginning you feel lost, but it is a stage that I highly recommend to immerse yourself in the Neapolitan culture tout court. Here between misery, poverty, scented sauce and sewer smell you will want to pray. You look up and the sky will be unreal, you will point your eyes to people, and you will find only smiles. At that moment, you’ll understand two things: 1. what hope is and 2. the Neapolitans are people who don’t give up.

Quartieri Spagnoli

Quartieri Spagnoli

Galleria Umberto I

After Quartieri Spagnoli, the splendour of this public shopping gallery will leave you a bit confused. The Galleria is a high and spacious cross-shaped tunnel surmounted by a glass roof. Inside, it is very elegant and sophisticated. Floor and zodiac mosaics under the central cupola are stunnig! In the past, the gallery hosted the famous sucsià (the shoeshine boys)and getting polish shoes inside the galleria was considered very chic!

Piazza del Plebiscito

Located at the end of Via Toledo is one of largest squares in Naples. Famous for its colonnade, it dues his name to the plebiscite taken in 1860, which brought Naples under the House of Savoia.

Castel Nuovo or Maschio Angioino

Another symbol of Naples, the Maschio Angioino is a medieval castle site near Naples Bay. It take its nickname from Charles I of Anjou, who in 1266 moved the capital of the kingdom in Naples, before the capital was Palermo (I cannot wait to visit it!!). From outside the castle is gorgeous and impressive, but unfortunately we couldn’t visit it inside!

While you are there, delight yourself with a stroll along the promenade and enjoy the view of Vesuvio. During the summer, the promenade offers another preview of Neapolitan life. I do not believe that the area is really for swimming, but a lot of people are placed on the rocks and not only sunbathing, but also swimming! I love them :-)

Another preview of Neapolitan life

Another preview of Neapolitan life


Naples is the birthplace of pizza! The real purpose of our trip was to go Da Michele on Via Cesare Sersale, but we had not considered that Naples is not Milan, and in August the pizzerie are closed! By Twitter and Facebook I got more advice of alternatives pizzerie, but there was no way … pizzerie were all closed! Stored – against my will – the desire of pizza I focused myself on pasta with clams! After having comb through all menus of the osterie, I convinced Maurizio to try Hosteria Toledo.

The place is not big and should be refurbished, but the food is really good. I made my menu as follows: Caprese – pasta with clams – a glass of red wine and delizia al limone (sorry I’m Italian). Mozzarella was fresh, the pasta with clams divine and cake spectacular.

Pasta con le vongole - Pasta with clams

Pasta con le vongole – Pasta with clams

Delizia al limone - Lemon deliza

Delizia al limone – Lemon deliza

Maurizio opted for the special of the day: pasta with olives and aubergines sauce + water (he doesn’t seem Italian!). Both had coffee and spent 34 euro in all. It’s not much, but there was a little misunderstanding. Prices shown on the list include the service, but not the VAT. We recommend  the owner to indicate this fact somewhere because is not nice to find at paying time. However, the food is great and mouth-watering.

In the afternoon we cuddled ourselves with an caffè freddo at Gran Caffè Gambrinus located in Piazza Trieste e Trento.

Its history begins with Italian unification and over the centuries it has become one of the leading literary cafes in Europe. Given the price of coffee (an iced coffee with cream and one without, at the table, cost us 12 euro) enjoy the architecture of its interior. The plasters are magnificent!

On the way, reward yourself with babà and sfogliatella!

Sfogliatella and Babà

Sfogliatella and Babà

Forget the diet! And eventually, if you really want be exaggerate… pleasure yourself with fried pizza!

If you are vegetarian, MIret – my favorite travel blog – recommends UN SORRISO INTEGRALE http://flaneriefeminine.com/2013/01/18/lunch-at-un-sorriso-integrale/

#Picasso in Milano

Inaugurata lo scorso settembre l’antologica dedicata a Picasso è agli sgoccioli.

Sono circa 250 le opere in mostra nelle sale di Palazzo Reale. Il percorso, che si apre con Massacro in Corea, è pensato come una digressione cronologica. Camminando fra le opere è possibile percorrere e confrontare tutte le differenti fasi creative della vita di Picasso: il periodo blu, il periodo rosa, il cubismo, il periodo surrealista e il periodo politico.

Esplorare i colori e le forme del grande maestro è qualcosa di unico ed emozionante. Mentre si attraversano le sale si ha la sensazione di essere davanti alla rappresentazione della vita in se… La vita come continua evoluzione, la vita come un impetuoso, travolgente e infinito élan vital, la vita come bellezza che va oltre la semplificazione e la distruzione delle forme.

Muchas gracias Pablo.

Di seguito le mie opere preferite. Purtroppo non potendo fare foto all’interno del museo le ho scaricate on line!

Launched last September, the anthology dedicated to Pablo Picasso is running out.

There are about 250 works on show at Palazzo Reale. The course, which begins with Massacre in Korea, is thought as a chronological digression. Walking through the works you can range and compare all the different phases of the Picasso’s creative life: the Blue Period, the Rose Period, the Cubism, the Surrealist Period and the Political Period.

Explore the colours and the shapes of the great master is something unique and exciting.

While you cross through the halls you feel to be in front of the representation of life…

Life as evolution, life as impetuous, passionate and infinite elan vital, life as a beauty that goes beyond the simplification and destruction of the forms.

Muchas gracias Pablo.

Below my favourite pieces. Unfortunately I could not take pictures inside the museum, so I downloaded them on line!

Femme au fauteuil rouge - 1932

Femme au fauteuil rouge – 1932

Femme aux mains jointes - 1907

Femme aux mains jointes – 1907

Grande nature morte au gueridon - 1931

Grande nature morte au gueridon – 1931

La Celestina - 1904

La Celestina – 1904

Olga au chapeau a plume - 1920

Olga au chapeau a plume – 1920

Paulo En Arlequin - 1934

Paulo En Arlequin – 1934

Portrait d'Olga dans un fauteuil - 1918

Portrait d’Olga dans un fauteuil – 1918

Ritratto di Dora Maar - 1937

Ritratto di Dora Maar – 1937


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 8.30-19.30
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 9:30 to 23:30

ENTIRE € 9.00 – € 7.50 REDUCED
€ 10.00 CHARITY TICKET whole – € 8.50 CHARITY TICKET reduced

[#TRAVEL PIC] A strange #venice with sun, moon and fog

I’ve made a mess with my travel photos! Taking backup of the I-phone’s photo folder, I do not know the reason why the computer decided to… Create more folders where the photos are not arranged in chronological order! GRRRR … It will take me a lifetime before I order them! On the other hand I found a stunning pic of Venice!

Ho combinato un disastro con le foto dei miei ultimi viaggi. Facendo  il back-up della cartella foto dell’Iphone, non so per quale ragione il computer ha deciso di…. Creare più cartelle dove le foto non sono disposte in ordine cronologico!!! GRRRR… Ci metterò una vita per sistemarle!!! In compenso ho  ritrovato una bellissima foto di Venezia!

A strange Venice with sun, moon and fog

A strange Venice with sun, moon and fog

I believe that this city has something magic, walking through its streets you get the impression that every place hides a secret. Venice seems a strange dream built on the water. I cannot wait to go back!

Sono convinta che questa città abbia qualcosa di magico, camminando per le sue vie si ha come l’impressione che ogni luogo nasconda un segreto. Venezia sembra uno strano sogno costruito sull’acqua. Non vedo l’ora di tornarci!!!